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I see here that there is Fortran source code for going from USNG to lon/lat:

Is there some python or C/C++ code that does the same?

My understanding that this is not a function provided by Proj4/pyproj/GDAL, correct?

share|improve this question seems to suggest that you are correct that there is no proj4 support. It's from 2006 though. – Paul Hiemstra Dec 23 '11 at 8:20

You can create Python interfaces to Fortran programs using f2py. According to the web site, this facilitates:

  • Calling Fortran 77/90/95, Fortran 90/95 module, and C functions from Python.
  • Accessing Fortran 77 COMMON blocks and Fortran 90/95 module data (including allocatable arrays) from Python.
  • Calling Python functions from Fortran or C (call-backs).
  • Automatically handling the difference in the data storage order of multi-dimensional Fortran and Numerical Python (i.e. C) arrays.

The first point might serve your needs.

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Thanks. I might use this as a last resort... – M Katz Jan 23 '12 at 6:23

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