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We are looking to purchase a second large format plotter for plotting land use planning maps and aerial imagery for field use. Specifically an HP DesignJet T790ps. Anyone have an opinion on this plotter? Also is there any issues that may have developed since your purchase. We currently use an HP DesignJet 3500CP for all the large plots from ArcGIS and some other graphics functions. We like the quality of this plotter but would like to have one that plots a little faster.

Also what are your opinions on extended warranties? Are they really worth it?

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There is some sentiment to close this question as being too localized and perhaps a little off topic. If you could reframe it in a way that (a) specifies the uses you anticipate and (b) asks for informed, factual resources or information for gauging fitness for those uses, then I think we could arrange to keep it open. If you don't change it, though, I think our higher-reputation users may quickly vote to close it. – whuber Dec 1 '11 at 19:47

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