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I have created a .QGS file with one PostGIS layer which is the alaska.shp file that comes from the samples. It was loaded via the shp2pgsql utility. When looking at my qgs project referencing the postgis layer, I see the alaska shape, everything appears good.

Then I copy my .QGS file to my cgi-bin directory (along with the qgis_mapserve.fcgi file) to set up my WMS. Then I create a new project in Quantum GIS (1.7.2) and add WMS layer. I connect to my WMS and select the layer I want to import...so far so good. But after I add the WMS layer to my new QGIS project, I see nothing. The layer is checked "on" to render, and "render" is checked in the bottom right of Quantum GIS.

Is there some way to tell if I have something set up wrong?

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It is the QGIS project defined in the same CRS as the QGIS sample data? is OTFR on? What CRS has the WMS layer you added? The QGIS sample data is kind of particular as it crosses the date line, and this is always source of problems. –  Giovanni Manghi Dec 5 '11 at 9:50
The alaska shape file has a CRS of USER:100000 CRS when I load it in. I tried changing everything to using a known CRS for each layer and it still would not render anything. I turned OTFR on with no change. The status bar of QGIS says "Getting map via WMS."..but nothing ever loads. –  Steve Horn Dec 5 '11 at 15:20
The Alaska shapefile in the QGIS sample dataset opens with CRS "EPSG:2964 - NAD27 / Alaska Albers". If you reproject it to WGS84 you will se that a few polygons of the shape do cross the dateline, creating problems when using the original CRS and adding data from other sources (ex: WMS). Just set the project CRS to something that do not cross the dateline and use OTFR, then you should be fine. –  Giovanni Manghi Dec 5 '11 at 16:15
I am facing the same problem, nothing loads, I am trying with several WMS services, different CRS's: EPSG:4326, EPSG:102067. If I select the layer item in the legend and try "Zoom to layer extent" , the map window zooms correctly to the area, i.e. I guess the application communicates correctly with the WMS service, it just dos not display the requested map. Thanks for any suggestion. Best Regards, Vlad –  user5176 Dec 16 '11 at 11:41

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In the QGIS WMS connection dialogue there is a checkbox telling QGIS to ignore the service URL advertised by QGIS server. Checking this option should solve the problem. (Source: QGIS Mailinglist)

It's generally a good idea to have this option ticked. There has been talk about setting it by default.

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