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Is there a way to search for intersections on a centerline layer in ArcGIS Server 10 without using an Address Locator?

I can send direct queries to the centerline layer for individual road segments. For example, if I add query?text=Main to the layer URL in a browser window, it will return all roads where the display field matches "Main".

Is there a similar query I can do to find intersections? I know this is possible with an Address Locator, but I am trying to find an alternative.

Thanks, Seth

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If you're wanting to use the REST API, this URL (for State St@New York, zipcode 92373) works.

If ESRI is eating their own dogfood, they used a locator when they published the geocoding service.

If you don't want to use their REST API, I guess you could write a Server Object Extension that queries the featureclass for either street name, then loops through each feature to find the point(s) that are common to the two different streets.

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Thanks Kirk, do you know of any examples online that are similar to that? – Seth P. Nov 5 '10 at 13:33

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