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Are there any free, publicly available datasets for Singapore?

I've examined Openstreetmap, Global Admin Boundaries, GRUMP and the Natural Earth datasets, but I'm interested in vector data of higher resolution and or any type of census information.

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Is there a specific type of data you're looking for (road network, population distribution, &c)? – mattwigway Dec 8 '11 at 6:52
Yes - I am interested in population data, land-use zoning and buildings (although I realise that is unlikely). Road networks would also be of interest. – djq Dec 8 '11 at 6:56

Lots of Spatial Data for Singapore

Table data

and Census Data

Web Mapping available here:

enter image description here

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Sorry - I should have clarified that I am interested in free data (I think 'public' is ambiguous). Unfortunately these data sources are incredibly expensive. – djq Dec 8 '11 at 1:22
Both links are currently broken – PolyGeo Mar 3 at 5:22
updated links - If you search the sites they have the data - sites change over 5 years – Mapperz Mar 3 at 15:20

From the Singapore 2014 Master Plan:

The above is provided in KML. The above also links to Region Boundary (5 regions) and the more granular Subzone Boundary files (323 subzones).

There's also the Planning Area Census 2010 (also in KML) which has more useful polygon labels, although they're embedded in markup, e.g.: <p><font color="red"><i></i> <b>Planning Area Name - JURONG WEST</b> </font></p> <p><font color="Blue"><i></i> <b>Region Name - WEST REGION</b> </font></p>

Nevertheless, that's better than the Master Plan KML files which only have labels like 62436.23535.

Finally, Singstat ( has useful datasets by geography covering a variety of topics including census figures.

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