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Does anybody know how to add the shape file name to a field in the file's attribute table? I've found a description:

'You have to use inline variable in CalculateField like %Name% in expresssion so that whatever the name of the file is, the string will be inserted based on Name of the dbase file !'

I've tried to CalculateField tool with %Name%, but I got message:

Executing: CalculateField "2011-11-6 15_41_point" DBFName %Name% PYTHON #
Start Time: Thu Dec 08 23:34:23 2011
WARNING 000405: No records within table
Succeeded at Thu Dec 08 23:34:24 2011 (Elapsed Time: 1.00 seconds)

Where is my mistake?

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There is a script on the arcscripts website that should assist you in doing this


Summary A simple script for creating a field called "FILENAME" and attaching the filename of the shapefile to each entry in the attribute table. Use with as many shapefiles within a specified directory. Useful when picking apart shapefile entries and combining into a separate file to maintain a breadcrumb trail of the original shapefile name.

Run file within a directory containing all the shapfiles needing modification

I hope that this's what you're after

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