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I try to merge the some shapefiles into one by using ArcEngine java platform. But it seem like that parameters of my merge class is wrong ,i google it a long time and got nothing. Pls figure my problem out .The Error is :Invalid value type for parameter inputs.

public static  IGeoProcessorResult mergeTool(String shpPath,String[] shpNames,  String outFile) 
    //Initialize the geoprocessorResult object
    //IGeoProcessorResult vGeoPR = null;
    // Initialize the geoprocessor.
    GeoProcessor vGeoP = null;
    IGeoProcessorResult vGeoPR = null;
    try {
        vGeoP = new GeoProcessor();
        IWorkspaceFactory vWSpaceFactory =new ShapefileWorkspaceFactory();
        //IFeatureClass vFeaCls = vFeatureWSpace.openFeatureClass(ShapeName);
       IWorkspace vWorkSpace; 
       IFeatureWorkspace vFeatureWSpace = null;
       vWorkSpace = vWSpaceFactory.openFromFile(shpPath, 0);
    vFeatureWSpace = (IFeatureWorkspace)vWorkSpace;
        IFeatureClass vFeaCls = null; 

        ArrayList<IFeatureClass> vInArray = new ArrayList<IFeatureClass>();
        for(int i=0;i<shpNames.length;i++)

            vFeaCls= vFeatureWSpace.openFeatureClass(shpNames[i]);
        //vGeoP.addMessage("I will overwrite your file if name exits!");
      // vGeoP.setEnvironmentValue("workSpace", vFeatureWSpace);
         Merge  vMerge = new Merge(vInArray,outFile);
            return vGeoPR;
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I found out one way to solve this problem.We should set the input parameter format like this:

 String inputString = inputDir1+";"+inputDir2;
           Merge  vMerge = new Merge(inputString ,outFile);
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