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Can I use ArcGIS to map planets in particular Mars?

Where would I start in terms of basemapping and projection?

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A google on "ArcGIS mars coordinate reference" returned a link to… Non-earth spheroids start at the bottom of page 2. – Vince Feb 4 at 18:43
thanks you @Vince. Where can I find these projections as something I can impot to ArcGIS? – user5495269 Feb 4 at 18:48
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This is an intrinsic feature of ArcGIS. Just open "Geographic Coordinate Systems" folder, then the "Solar System" folder, then choose "Mars" and the datum associated with your data.

enter image description here

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Note: ArcGIS doesn't have any projected coordinate reference systems for the other planets and moons. If you want to use a projected CRS, you'll have to make a custom one. – mkennedy Feb 5 at 20:26
Can it be called a 'Geographic' coordinate system though as s.s. geography is the study of the Earth? – nmtoken Feb 9 at 19:12

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