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I use flex and OpenScale and I want to limit visibility just over Morocco using the coordinates, please how can I do that?!

    <os:Map id="fxmap" width="100%" height="100%" zoom="3" center="4.83212,45.75781">
    <os:Mapnik name="base"/>
    <os:PanZoom map="{map}" x="{fxmap.x+10}" y="{fxmap.y+10}"/>

I can do that on the properties of the map ?

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I've never heard about Open Scales. This should be an interesting discussion. – jvangeld Dec 17 '11 at 19:29
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I'v found a solution not good but it's working and it's mine ^^

import org.openscales.geometry.basetypes.Pixel;
public function reCadreMap(e:MapEvent)

//var x,y,x1,y1;
var maxLon =-1879357.2032504533;//left
var minLon=-015419.9442366438;//right

var maxLat=2440863.5691261655;//down
var minLat=4291633.447018889;//up
var border:Object=map.getLocationFromMapPx(new Pixel(map.width/2,map.height/2));

    var lat= border["lat"]/100000;
    var lon=-15;

    map.moveTo(new Location(lon,lat),5,true,true);
else if(border["lon"]>minLon){//right
    var lat = (border["lat"]/100000)-5;
    var lon=-4;

    map.moveTo(new Location(lon,lat),4,true,true);
else if(border["lat"]>minLat){//up
    var lat = 33;
    var lon=(border["lon"]/100000);

    map.moveTo(new Location(lon,lat),5,true,true);
else if(border["lat"]<maxLat){//down
    var lat = 26;
    var lon=(border["lon"]/100000);

    map.moveTo(new Location(lon,lat),5,true,true);


this exemple is for who want to limit visibility, and i'm attending any reaction from you !

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