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So I have a property table that has addresses like below.

12 Andrews CL, Pxxx
1/12 Andrews CL, Pxxx
2/31 Macrossan ST, Pxxx
2/7-11 Barrier   ST, Pxxx

I need to only show


Can this be done within the expression builder in Mapinfo 12?

In python it would be something like address[:address.find(' ')]

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Yes, you can do this by using the Left$ and InStr functions as below. Check out the MapBasic Reference Guide (should be available in the Documentation folder of your MapInfo installation) for detailed information about those functions, along with a whole host of others.

Left$(address,InStr(1, address, " ") - 1)
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You beat me to it by a few seconds, @T_Bacon :-) – Peter Horsbøll Møller Feb 24 at 13:55
So whose answer should I pick? you both answered the same but neither of them get all characters from the left up to the first space. Thanks for pointing me to the reference guide. I didn't know it was there. – GeorgeC Feb 24 at 14:42
Pick this one as he posted the answer seconds before me ;-) – Peter Horsbøll Møller Feb 24 at 14:55
Thanks Peter, you can have the next one! ;-) – T_Bacon Feb 24 at 14:57
@GeorgeC - Or you could do it through MapBasic as Peter has suggested in the comments for his answer. – T_Bacon Feb 24 at 16:07

Try this:

Left$(ADDRESS, (InStr(1, ADDRESS, " ") - 1))

This will show the string to the left of the first space characters. ADDRESS is here the name of the column

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Thanks. It is printing Pxxx rather than 1/12. I want it to print from the first character upto the first space character. – GeorgeC Feb 24 at 14:38
Are you saying it's printing the characters from the right instead of the characters from the left? – Peter Horsbøll Møller Feb 24 at 14:56
Is the perceived space in fact a tab character by any chance? Try changing this bit: InStr(1, ADDRESS, " ") to InStr(1, ADDRESS, Chr$(9)), that might fix it. – T_Bacon Feb 24 at 14:57
So if the full address is "1/12 Davidson ST, PORT SMITH" it is printing "Port" but it should print 1/12. How do I tell if it is a tab? it's all in one address field as {1/12 Davidson ST, PORT SMITH} – GeorgeC Feb 24 at 15:00
Try this to figure out what character it is: select the object in the map and run these two statements via the MapBasic window which will print the ascii# of the character to the message window. The number 5 refers to the character you want to inspect: Fetch First From Selection Print Asc(Mid$(ADDRESS, 5, 1)) – Peter Horsbøll Møller Feb 24 at 15:38

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