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A few days ago I was answering Comparing two fields and printing result as 1 (if number matches) or 0 (if not) using Python Parser of ArcGIS Field Calculator?

When describing the process required to get the result using the Codeblock I talked about the "Pre-Logic Script Code", but then didn't know what to call the next box in the window, so I just said

and in the bottom section enter e

What is that bottom section actually called, so I can use the right term?

[What do I call the circled field?]

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Function call box? Guessing... – FelixIP Mar 13 at 3:47
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I've always referred to the bottom box as the "Expression Box". In fact if you look at the help, it is referred to as an "expression". For example:

In the tool dialog box, an expression can be entered directly into the Expression parameter, or interactively built using the Field Calculator.

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I just call it the expression too – PolyGeo Mar 13 at 6:35
thanks, that makes sense – Midavalo Mar 13 at 18:57

This is simply called "Expression". And you can refer to it by saying

Provide definition in Pre-Logic Script Block and then Use checksum( !Numbers!,!data_all! ) as expression

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