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ESRI has an old set of PDFs from 2004 showing all the symbols available in ArcGIS at the time and their names. I don't need it often but if I'm searching for a certain symbol and don't know its name it's sometimes easier to look at a few sheets of paper than to use the Symbol Selector. It doesn't seem like it's been updated for ArcGIS 10, though. I was wondering if anyone is aware of a new version of this, or if anyone has created one on their own they might be willing to share.

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The answer is no. I just saw a blog on the mapping center a week or two ago.
They are working on version 10 now.
Here is a 9.3v PDF.

another location for symbol sets on the mapping center.
resources center

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1500+ pages, that's going to be a pretty penny to print! –  blah238 Jan 5 '12 at 21:25

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