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I have the following scenario:

then some code... and then:

Display selected features looks like this:

public void displaySelectedFeatures(Map<Color, Set<FeatureId>> features) {

    Style style;

    style = createSelectedStyle(features);

    Layer layer = mapFrame.getMapContent().layers().get(0);
    ((FeatureLayer) layer).setStyle(style);


What I need is the following. First IDs object should be drawn and then after some time e.g. 5 seconds, object - features should be repainted. What happens it that only the IDs is drawn while features(second repaint) is omitted. How to solve this?

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It looks like the renderer doesn't think you have changed anything, so it doesn't bother to do the second redraw. Try adding a second layer for the highlights and change the features directly.

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