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I have an 11 digit ID in one field I'll call "Current_ID". I would like to create a new field named "New_Field" and populate it with same value except I need to change the value of the 4th digit from a 5 to a 4.

"Current_ID" = 1505000001
"New_Field" desired ID =  1504000001

Both field types are Double

400 records

How can this be done using Field Calc?

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You really should be using a Long instead of a Double field for storing IDs... – nmpeterson Mar 23 at 20:58
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Use field calculator expression:

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If you're always only changing the fourth digit to a 4 - In field calculator on the New_Field select Python parser, and input the following:

int('{}4{}'.format(str( !Current_ID! )[:3], str( !Current_ID! )[4:]))

This will replace the fourth digit with a 4 (whatever that fourth digit may be).

If it needs to be a number other than 4, change the number in {}4{}

enter image description here

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