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I am having trouble replacing the data source on CAD files using arcpy.

Everything I have tried runs into this error:

Runtime error type 'exceptions.ValueError' : Layer: Unexpected error

Here is a list of arguments I have tried:

layer.replaceDataSource('C:/CAD_DIR/CAD_File_1.dxf', 'CAD_WORKSPACE', 'Polyline')

layer.replaceDataSource('C:/CAD_DIR/CAD_File_1', 'CAD_WORKSPACE', 'Polyline')

layer.replaceDataSource('C:/CAD_DIR/', 'CAD_WORKSPACE', 'CAD_File_1/Polyline')

layer.replaceDataSource('C:/CAD_DIR/', 'CAD_WORKSPACE', 'CAD_File_1.dxf/Polyline')

layer.replaceDataSource('C:/CAD_DIR/', 'CAD_WORKSPACE', 'CAD_File_1.dxf.Polyline')

layer.replaceDataSource('C:/CAD_DIR/', 'CAD_WORKSPACE', 'CAD_File_1.Polyline')

It appears to take more time to think about going wrong when I put the 'CAD_File_1*' part in the 'Dataset_Name' section, that is to the right of 'CAD_WORKSPACE'. But it still fails.

I have noticed that it treats the CAD file as a Feature Dataset and the particular feature type, in this case Polyline, as the Feature Class which may be the issue.

I have also tried this when pointing at a 'Polyline' layer:

layer.replaceDataSource('C:/CAD_DIR/', 'CAD_WORKSPACE', 'CAD_File_1.dxf)

It doesn't produce the same error or in fact any error but the data does not update.

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You used double quotation marks at the beginning of the first parameter (") but ended with single quotation marks ('). Sometimes it doesn't make a difference, but since ValueError is parameter-related you want to make sure those string parameters are being passed properly. – dmahr Jan 10 '12 at 12:55
Good point, but that is just my mistake when writing the example here. For the most part I am trying to make changes in batch so syntax like that is assigned automatically when I pull the string from a CSV. I will edit to remove that mistake. Thanks. – EnE_ Jan 10 '12 at 23:14
If this is still an issue there is some discussion here that may or may not help:… – PolyGeo Feb 27 '12 at 7:20
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Logged as bug by ESRI:

Bug #NIM078454

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Bug indeed, but since I am stuck on 10.0 for another year the 10.1 fix didn't help me yet. Since this is still one of the first results on my Google search for the topic, I thought I'd come back and add my answer.

The workaround here solved the issue for me. To summarize, save a reference to the layer, remove the later from the map document, update the data source, and re-add it.

I was unable to replace CAD sources properly, but ended up using the 'NONE' keyword for the workspace_type parameter and it looped through the sources in the new folder until it found one with the name specified.

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Thanks for the update brichins, I haven't looked at that code for about 18 months now. When I get a chance I will check it out. – EnE_ Jun 4 '13 at 1:29

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