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How do I turn off labels that have null values?

I am using a leader with this label but I want it turned off if the values are null

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you can add a query filter to which labels will be rendered.

Check the section "Controlling which features are labelled".

Essentially, you will add a query to the label manager, something like this

[Attribute_being_labbeled] is not null

And then, nulls won't be rendered.

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If you go to the layer properties label tab, select the Method drop down that says:

define classes of features and label classes differently

you will see a box appear reading "SQL Query..."

If you then enter:

 "Field of your choice" <> 'Unique value of your choice'

So, say the field is ROAD NAME and the unique road name you do not want to be visible is NULL

You will enter:


Same thing as the former example, but redundancy sometimes helps. That will to it.

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