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I admit I originally posted the question here:

But due to no response and not finding a solution, I thought I'd try to ask here.

I have imported some layers from my PostGIS DB into the OpenGeo Suite Geoserver. For the most part they work fine, yet I am unable to edit their features. Every time I try to do this I get the following in FireBug:

feature is undefined layer.drawFeature(feature,feature.styl...stFeature=layer.selectedFeatures[0];} OpenLayers.js (line 815)

However, if I import a layer that came bundled with the suite such as World - Borders, everything works fine and I am able to do feature editing as expected. I have also seen this thread:

But still I am not sure how to go about it. It is indeed true that we had PostgreSQL and PostGIS installed already, and when I installed the OpenGeo suite all the data dumped itself onto my already existing PostGIS (at least I think so), as everything seems to be running on the same port 5432. What can I do to have my PostGIS layers allow feature editing? This was the main reason we decided to go with GeoExplorer ;).

Geoserver error logs report:

INFO [geoserver.wfs] -
Request: getFeature
handle = null
service = WFS
version = 1.1.0
baseUrl =
providedVersion = null
extendedProperties = {}
query = [net.opengis.wfs.impl.QueryTypeImpl@431e34c7 (group: null, propertyName: null, function: null, filter: [ tib_villages.fid-5a164ff3_134c8d54c27_-6fb2 ], sortBy: null, featureVersion: null, handle: null, srsName: EPSG:900913, typeName: [{}tib_villages])]
maxFeatures = 20
outputFormat = text/xml; subtype=gml/3.1.1
resultType = results
traverseXlinkDepth = null
traverseXlinkExpiry = null
formatOptions = {}
metadata = null 

Thanks for your time and I am looking forward to hearing any feedback,


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