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I am trying to convert some MapInfo files to .dxf format using OGR2OGR using the following command:

OGR2OGR -f "DXF" "input.dxf" "output.TAB" -overwrite -skiperrors

When I run this I am getting a lot of errors which say "DXF layer does not support arbitrary field creation, field 'xref' not created".

Can you not attach data to records in DXF files?

I am also getting the error "No known way to write feature with geometry 'none'" and the same for "Multi Point".

Which geometry types can DXF support?

Update: In Mapbasic the Export command allows exporting to DXF, thereby negating the need to use OGR2OGR.

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Can you not attach data to records in DXF files?

Not currently. The author of the ogr dxf provider decided it was to much of a pain to handle attributes for dxfs (trying to find quote now)

Which geometry types can DXF support?

The dxf driver page has more details:

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So DXF can have data attached, but OGR just can't handle it? Good answer. Thanks! – Mr_Chimp Jan 19 '12 at 13:14

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