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I am trying to create polygons from a line layer of lots and concessions (large blocks of land in rural areas).

The lines are mainly grid style as they intersect mostly at right angles.

I need to create polygons from these lines.

I tried it in QGIS and it did not work.

Any suggestions other than digitizing?

I'm using ArcEditor 10.

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I discovered a page named Constructing polygons from the shapes of other features on Esri's site that should allow you to contruct polygons from your lines with only an ArcEditor/Standard license. You can select the lines you want to convert to polygons, then use the Construct Polygons button on the Topology toolbar (ArcGIS 10.0 or earlier) or the Advanced Editing toolbar (ArcGIS 10.1 or later).

If only you had an ArcInfo/Advanced license, you'd be able to use the Feature to Polygon tool that does exactly what you want.

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ET Geowizards will easily convert Polylines to Polygons (preserving attribution)

Current Version is ET GeoWizards 10.1 (released 12 November 2011)

Credit goes to Ianko Tchoukanski for producing and maintaining this excellent ArcGIS tool.

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You can try XTools - Make Polygons from Polylines

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I will suggest you to use tool create polygon from lines. Please see this.

How to access this command in ArcGIS 10 please see this

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For small numbers of features, read Hardolph's answer on this thread:

Works like a charm for all licence levels.

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