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I have a polygon shapefile with a related table in ArcGIS 10. When I use the "Layer to KML" tool to export the shapefile and then load it into Google Maps, it doesn't see the related data. I would like the related data to appear in the balloon pop-ups in Google Maps. Is this possible?



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Vanessa- Did you ever find a solution to this. I have a similar interest and am thinking it would involve creating a customized html popup prior to export. Thanks for sharing your solution if you found one. – user7794 May 25 '12 at 18:25

Set your HTML pop-up properties for each feature layers you want to export as KML

HTML popups

"Many map layers in ArcGIS are used for accessing rich attributes and other information for each feature. One mechanism is to provide an HTML pop-up display when you click on each feature. This potentially provides a powerful way to share HTML-formatted information, such as web content, about each feature."

enter image description here

Your likely to select the radio button 'As table of the visible fields' option

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Thanks for your reply, Mapperz. I had done that, and I can see the data from the attribute table of the polygon layer, no problem. The issue is that I have set up a "relate" to a separate table. In ArcGIS, I can use the Identify tool to display information on a polygon not just from the attribute table, but also any related records from my 2nd table. It's those related records that I would really like to see when I export to KML and view in Google Maps. Any ideas? If it were just a join, I would join and export the layer and table in GIS and then export THAT to KML. A relate seems different... – Vanessa Goold Jan 24 '12 at 12:48
If you have a relate - you can export to a new shapefile file and use that it will contain the relate fields too. Note: ArcGIS is not the best application to manipulate and convert to KML. – Mapperz Jan 24 '12 at 15:35

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