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Given a DEM (Digital Elevation Model) say in and a line (x1,y1) --> (x2,y2) (paired coordinates (x,y)), how can one calculate the elevation profile or cross-section projected on that line ?

I am looking for open source code that i can use in my project or pseudo-code that I can use as a guide.

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The GRASS command r.profile performs this (documentation, source) and should provide a good basis for implementing a cross section, and is available under the GPL.

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You can go much further by combining DEM and raster colors, using GRASS with R (see Raster profile along arbitrary line segments, or http://www.portailsig.org/content/grass-gis-et-r-superposition-des-couleurs-d-un-raster-quelconque-sur-un-profil-topographique and with Python (Python: utilisation des couches vectorielles et matricielles dans une perspective géologique, sans logiciel SIG , in french, but the scripts are universal...)

with Elevation colors (GRASS GIS and R):

enter image description here

With colors of a Geological Map (Python with GRASS raster) enter image description here

And using the Python script in the Python console of QGIS:

enter image description here

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Here screenshots for GRASS: alt text alt text

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Maybe QGIS "Profile" plugin source code can be a start.

alt text

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This would be nice thing to have built into QGIS. Maybe under the raster menu. Also have multiple lines the GRASS example would be cool. –  Nathan W Sep 28 '11 at 0:34

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