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I am trying to use ArcMap's Field Calculator to populate values in a column based on a value in another column. So, in pseudo-code:

if [field1] = 'Foo'
  set [field2] = 'Bar'

Something like that. Test for 'foo' in the first attribute, and set the record's second attribute to 'bar.' Seems like it should be pretty easy to do, but I keep receiving a "user interrupt" error every time I try running anything. I think I have a misunderstanding of how to build VBA expressions with the Field Calculator...

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What version of arcmap? I think VBA in the field calculator got deprecated at 10.0. Here's a good intro to the python calculator. – Kirk Kuykendall Mar 1 '11 at 14:50
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Try something like this:

dim f2
if [field1] = "foo" then
  f2 = "bar"
end if

Screen shot of this being used in the field calculator.alt text

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