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How to show map of building floor plan using OpenLayers and json. moreover, i want to know that how to change features dynamically with zoom based from json files. Let's take example,

Initial the polygon of building feature shows then, second zoom, detailing map with more features like sitting arragement with desk and chairs, then third zoom, more detailing with attributes of each sitting arragement.

Above mention zoom level have different type of symbology of each.

How to make this, pl. help me on this..

Regards GIS User

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So far people have answered most of your questions, but you haven't rewarded any of them with an accept. See if any of your previous questions has recieved an answer worth accepting - thus improving your accept-rate. – Chau Jan 30 '12 at 9:43
user876307 - Please review and accept answers on previous questions. Thanks – Mapperz Jan 30 '12 at 15:03

For the OpenLayers.Format.GeoJSON feature collection use an OpenLayers.Layer.Vector instance. Examples from the OpenLayers Examples Gallery:

Use a zoom based strategy for displaying your layers. This can be achieved using the minScale and maxScale properties in the options object passed to an OpenLayers.Layer.Vector instance.

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