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I am looking to programatically generate an image from a WKT string (or any other common format, such as WKB or SQL Spatial geography). Are there any existing libraries that allow for this? I am working in .Net, but I am open to anything. The idea is that I could generate dynamic tile layers with the images instead of having to load up my Silverlight UI with heavy vector layers. Any ideas?

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You can use MapScript (part of MapServer) to make images from any sort of geometry. With (e.g.) MapScript for PHP, you could build a geometry from a WKT string with ShapeObj ms_shapeObjFromWkt(string wkt), make the style look good, then render an image object with imageObj draw() (see an example).

There are different flavours of Mapscript, including for .NET (docs, tutorial), but it might be too old. The documentation for PHP is the best, and is similar for the other scripting languages.

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Mapserver, Mapnik, GeoServer, ArcGIS Server are the usual suspects.

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