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In SQLServer geometry field, I want to change the coordinates of geometry from one spatial reference system to another spatial reference system (from SRID 4326 to SRID 3011) by using ST_Transform. But the destination SRID 3011 is not available in sys.spatial_reference_systems table. How i do this conversion ? Is there any other way ?

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There is no native way to do this in SQL Server (isn't ST_Transform a PostGIS method?). Look into something like SQL Server Spatial Tools and this post from a few weeks back. Also, you won't find any projected coordinate systems in the sys.spatial_reference_systems table as that table is only GEOGCS and used for geography datatypes.

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+1 I wonder if this geocentric translation could be performed in SQL? – Kirk Kuykendall Feb 7 '12 at 16:51

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