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Is it possible to have a non-breaking space in ArcMap? I particularly need it for labels.

& gives me a & but
  doesn't work.

Is there any way to make a non-breaking space?

I'm using Arc10, but this question applies to previous versions as well.

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It this the same question as:… – MathiasWestin Sep 19 '10 at 12:47
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Sadly, I don't know of one, and can't find one; doesn't mean it doesn't exist, but the help does indicate that there's only two "special" characters considered, which are replacements for the "&" and "<" characters. This help page has info on all the special bits you can do for a label, but I don't see anything for the equivalent of non-breaking space.

The Maplex labeling engine has a whole bunch of other rules though, including the maximum number of lines it's allowed to use, and what characters to break a line on. While this isn't exactly what you're asking, it might suffice, assuming you can use maplex. See the stacking docs for further info.

And yes, this seems to be a nigh-duplicate of this question. I've got to remember to start looking before answering.

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&" "& should work in the label query for normal and maplex labelling engines.

It is also possible to convert to Graphical Annotation if only a few.

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