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For more than two days I'm trying to make the TSP algorithm work in PostgreSQL/PostGIS. My problem seems to occur when I'm trying to take into account the road network for TSP algorithm. I know that the algorithm it will calculate the distance in Euclidean space as a default setting.

As a example:

SELECT vertex_id
FROM tsp('SELECT id as source_id, lon AS x, lat AS y 
          FROM point_layer','23,221,63,432,335,',63);

where the point_layer is the table which holds the points information (as PlaceMarks), numbers like: 23,221,63,432,335 stands for place (cities) and 63 as a starting point.

If you have experience with this approach please advise. Thank you. Ionut

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Did you manage to make it work? It may have to do with how your point_layer is organised – Vladtn Feb 17 '12 at 15:11

According to the examples and the documentation, you should only be loading the five nodes you are interested in in the select query, so I added a where clause to your select query. You also had a trailing comma, following the list of ids in parameter two that I removed.

So give this a try and see if it works better:

SELECT vertex_id
FROM tsp('SELECT id as source_id, lon AS x, lat AS y 
          FROM point_layer where id in (23,221,63,432,335)','23,221,63,432,335',63);

Here is a link to the doc:

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