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i know in this site everybody more or less have been setup a geoportal for showing their basemaps and analysis on local or net for their workers or conserned people in the net.

it is obvious that in the gis platform there are lots of datas and machines for serving all requests from people. if you are alone in your work or more knowledgeable from other workers in the same place it is meant to there are lots of works to do in your professional businness if you respect your work...

owing to you loving your work, doing more work sth like coding, designing or mapping, working a lot probably not bother you. but when you are sleeping at middle of the night or with your favorite friends come together with stealthy way for doing sth. , so at your special moment when comes a call about job makes you bother or it disgusts you from your work...

at now for managing and controling the gis sth like only restarting services as apache, nginx or iis; your database maybe swelled; maybe image server not working bla bla bla... what tools are you advice me for controling not everything but more in gis or for you have any open source tool for this..

a program with defining database controlling size of data, service status or restarting them...

thank you for your advice.... thanks.

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what is your actual question? – iant Feb 15 '12 at 15:15
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For monitoring and simple corrective action, take a look at monit, it can go a long way towards keeping services up and running.

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thank you it is like a good app... – Aragon Feb 15 '12 at 15:42

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