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Are there any open source or inexpensive tools to detect and fill sinks on a DEM? ArcGIS Spatial Analyst is just out of my price range.

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GRASS has r.fill.dir and better yet, r.terraflow, which is one of the few hydrology tools to work on massive rasters. There's also the Windows-only TauDem, which includes PitRemove for filling.

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Thanks everyone for your answers. I didn't realize there were so many choices! TauDEM worked great btw. – Robert Claypool Jul 23 '10 at 21:08

SAGA has several fill methods

Flat Detection
Sink Drainage Route Detection
Sink Removal
Fill Sinks (Planchon/Darboux, 2001)
Fill Sinks (Wang & Liu)
Fill Sinks XXL (Wang & Liu)

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Yeap, there is. I haven't tested yet, but I ran my eyes trough the source code. It seems a good program.


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Landserf (free to use) - Click to Goto Homepage

I have used it, and love it.

I also think the algorithms are much more accurate in Landserf than in Arc, very very solid maths used and Jo Wood lists the maths used for his analysis.

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This is actually an area of active research for me. My latest code is available here and is based on a series of algorithms described in this publication.

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