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How to display numberoffeatures in map using geoext on grid?

 Ext.onReady(function() {            
            app = new Ext.Viewport({
                layout: "border",
                items: items

        xtype: "grid",
        ref: "capsGrid", // makes the grid available as app.capsGrid
        title: "Available Layers",
        region: "north",
        height: 150,
        viewConfig: {forceFit: true},
        store: new{
                url: "http://localhost:8080/geoserver/wfs?request=GetFeature&typename=GisData:sites&version=1.1.1&resultType=hits&filter=(%3CFilter%3E%3CPropertyIsEqualTo%3E%3CPropertyName%3EVendor%3C/PropertyName%3E%3CLiteral%3EvendorTE%3C/Literal%3E%3C/PropertyIsEqualTo%3E%3C/Filter%3E)",
                protocolOptions: {version: "1.1.1"},
                autoLoad: true
        columns: [
            {header: "numberOfFeatures", dataIndex: "numberOfFeatures", sortable: true}

I get xml response in firebug: enter image description here

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Well there are no component to do this job but I found that I can make up my custom component using ExtJS window and ExtJS Grid: Following is sample:"GET",url,false);
             var t = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("FeatureCollection");//for firefox it's "wfs:FeatureCollection"                     
             cnt = t[0].getAttribute("numberOfFeatures");

Now this can be used in geoext grid panel with getLengendGraphic request to geoserver.

Information about creating ExtJS grid with image can be found at:

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