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I am real new to C++ and am having trouble compiling a C++ program that uses the proj.4 library. I downloaded and compiled and installed the proj.4 library on my machine. So, the '/usr/local/lib' contains

libproj.a -> ->

and the '/usr/local/include' contains


and to compile my program test.c, I am using the following command

g++ -Wall -g first.c -lproj -o test

The compilation goes fine. But when I try to execute the program with "./test" I get the error message

./test: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I can't tell what I am missing here. Any help or suggestions here would be very helpful.

Thank You, Vish

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If you are on Linux Are you sure your LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set correctly? Alternatively you can edit your /etc/ file

If you are on Mac, use the equivalent.

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