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Maybe I'm just not thinking clearly, but I can't figure this one out. I need to have a spot on my mapbook pages that says "Counties: " and is automatically filled with the counties in the extent of the current page. This was SIMPLE with DSMapBook, but I can't seem to replicate it in DataDrivenPages.

Should I just do an intersect and append the new data in a column on my Townships table (Grid layer)?

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If scripting the operation is an option, it looks like you can combine arcpy and Data Driven pages. Maybe you could somehow select all of your county features in the current extent of the dataframe, then insert those into a graphic element.

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What I did to accomplish this is run an identity (if you have the appropriate license level) and get each county joined onto your town layer. Using arcpy i wrote a script to do the following. Write a definition query for that layer using the current ddp as the query. Run a search cursor and get the value of each county in the queried table. Set each value to append to a text element. You can use \r\n to put each county on a seperate line if you need to.

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