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In both SAGA and QGIS theres a profile-from-line-function that does a nice job of creating profiles. But there's no way to control the altitude spacing.

Any ideas for workflows that would allow me to achieve a profile (river as line-shape on a DEM-layer), with individual profile-points situated only at discrete altitude-intervalls of 10 m ? Of course profile points will need to contain information on segment-length and altidude...

Any help appreciated!

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By altitude you want a profile? Perhaps you mean at certain intervals. like every 10 feet. you can find a densify tool in toolbox @ 10.0. l'm pretty certain saga has a densify tool also. – Justin Mar 2 '12 at 1:41

From the DEM, make a vector layer with 10m contour lines. Now intersect the river line-shape with the contour lines.

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