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i am looking to convert a .cdr (Corel) to a shp file. I am using ArcEditor 10.0 (I'm brand new to using 10.0 after using 9.3 and brand new to ArcEditor after using ArcView).

I have never had to work with .cdr before. If you need more information regarding this, ask and I'll answer.

than you, Zoran

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If you have CorelDraw Save As DXF in CorelDraw. In ArcGIS you can view DXF natively or import to geodatabase/shapefile. The Corel Draw File (CDR) is a proprietary file format and it is basically a grafic file similar to Adobe Illustrator (AI) files. Alternatively, if you have AI you can open CDR in AI and Save As DXF then import to ArcGIS. You will have to use spatial adjustment to georeference the data if need be.

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ok - thank you.. when i get that file from client later this week, i will try that method. thank you, jakub.Z – Zoran Mar 4 '12 at 2:20

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