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i read an article on chicago tribune blog about making maps, it consist on "making choropleth maps using PostGIS, TileMill, Mapnik and Google Maps" on Mac environnement, my question is how we can make same thing on windows evironnement. i want to make a Side-by-side map comparisons like this


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All those tools run on Windows too. Have you actually tried it? – underdark Apr 4 '12 at 14:03

there are lots of tools making Thematic Map on the net. but if you search free gis tools for making colorful maps, i advice you to read following link for getting some information about it.

How to Make a US County Thematic Map Using Free Tools


Thematic Map

and another link is about mapping with python too...

A Thematic Map in Python


Thematic Map in Python

with installing python on windows machine you can make your maps, but i recommend u at least install vmware linux maxchine to get rid of some dependency problem...

i hope these help u

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