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I have a simple calculation to compare two columns and populate a new column with the lower value but I am getting null output...any ideas?



code block

def re_score(f1,f2,out1):
 if f1<f2:
  out1 = f1
 return out1

WARNING 000405: No records within table Succeeded at Tue Mar 06 15:13:45 2012 (Elapsed Time: 7.00 seconds)

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You can evaluate your expression using a simple inline-if statement (does not require codeblock):

!Signal_Strength! if !Signal_Strength! < !Signal_Strength_1! else !Signal_Strength_1!

Or rework your codeblock:

def re_score(f1,f2):
    if f1 < f2:
        out1 = f1
        out1 = f2
    return out1

with expression:

re_score(!Signal_Strength!, !Signal_Strength_1!)
share|improve this answer was a dataset issue where the model was not updating itself properly. I added out1 in "strange"/extra places for error trapping - I could search for 99. – GeorgeC Mar 6 '12 at 6:19

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