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I want to test performance of Arc Desktop based applications. I tried GDBT but it not give me any information about request time etc. I tried also a Workflow Profiler, but this tool usually crash my ArcMap instalation. I think about use of arcPy but I am not sure how to do that properly.

Any Ideas? Maybe someone of you made this kind of tests. For Manual tests I can use AutoIT but I am not sure what use for loading tests of Arc desktop. And how to get any queries which are send by arc map to Database?

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There is no special Esri software for testing specifically ArcMap, but there some guidelines applicable for general software performance testing. This is called System Design Strategies and there are some tools and videos available online for free at Esri website as well as wiki online.

I would also suggest looking at some major software methodologies for application performance testing generally.

HP Load Runner Silk Performer Visual Studio Test Team Edition

Check also Esri Enterprise guidelines on testing at the Resource Center.

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