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I'm currently using the global mapper export function to convert my tiffs+worldfile+projection file to geotiff. Is there a commandline tool (for Linux) that lets me do the same thing? "gdaltranslate" doesn't seem to use the projection file.

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You can use the "-a_srs filename.prj" parameter with gdal_translate to accomplish this. From the documentation:

The srs_def may be any of the usual GDAL/OGR forms, complete WKT, PROJ.4, EPSG:n or a file containing the WKT.

(emphasis added)

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Use geotifcp (listgeo for the opposite job)

More on

Available in ubuntu/debian with

sudo apt-get install geotiff-bin libgeotiff-epsg
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FYI if you run GlobalMapper with Wine under Linux it seems most of the functions are working, although it is not supported. I have also used GlobalMapper with Wine under Linux with some luck (although some menus and options crashes). More information here:

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