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enter image description hereArcEditor 10.0

I am creating a map for a client for a whole state. I finish putting in all the shp files, I label what client requires.

The shps I use are town/range/sections (TRS), Cities (point), lakes, rivers/streams and counties. The client wants the full state, last time, we split a different state into 3 parts to cut down on the size. This map is heavy with data and slow to generate when it is populating.

The PROBLEM IS - The labeling of the Counties ONLY display within holes in the SECTION (of the twn/range/section). Holes meaning the supplied PLSS from geocommunicator has certain parts of the state without the T/R/S. The holes cover a Twn (township) (640ac). The other county names DO NOT appear at all.

I've looked into my labeling and everything is normal, or looks normal. When I uncheck the SECTION of the t/r/s, the counties appear like they should... then when I re-check SECTION, the county names disappear except for the the few holes in the T/R/S they appear in.

down below, you will see the example and what I am talking about. I watched it generate.. during the generation, the county names were correct, then suddenly, they disappeared and some went into the all-white sections. why? how do I fix it?

What may be the cause of this and is there a solution?

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Sounds like the label weight of the t/r/s is higher that the label weight of the counties. Try limiting as much of the labels in the map as possible. For example if you have a layer with rivers cut out all the ones that say "Unnamed" which will give the ArcMap labeling engine more room to plot all the labels. Also you can find one of the features to turn their labeling into annotations and this will let you place them after the labeling engine does it's thing. Perhaps try to label cities with lower population with smaller font size. Different font styles allow more room than others. Good luck! – Justin Mar 8 '12 at 1:16
I will try that..but I don't have the city names labeled.. Only the TRS and County names. I tried uploading an image but I have to crop it..i will try to do so shortly. – Zoran Mar 8 '12 at 2:50
Justin - I went in and changed the Weight labeling... I made the TRS "low" and the County Names "heavy". It worked... thank you... Z – Zoran Mar 8 '12 at 3:58
In arcmap you should be able to tell the label engine to allow county labels on top of t/r/s features. – Justin Mar 8 '12 at 3:59
got it figured out...sorry for the long-delayed response (month late). I just had them ranked/weighed differently. – Zoran Apr 12 '12 at 21:34