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I'm using openscales in a web mapping project, i would like to add a Google maps layer, i know that there's some licence problems , but i don't care for these licence issues, i'm looking to add googlemaps layer to openscales like it has been made on OpenLayers.

Thanks in advance

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you can use wms service like - but your ip can be blocked by google if it is they deem it not an acceptable method in using their mapping tiles – Mapperz Mar 12 '12 at 15:12
Thanks a lot Mapperz, i will give a try for this solution :) – geogeek Mar 13 '12 at 9:03
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You must create your own TMS layer and server side proxy script with crossdomain.xml

package openscalesmap {

import org.openscales.core.layer.TMS;
import org.openscales.geometry.basetypes.Bounds;
import org.openscales.geometry.basetypes.Location;
import org.openscales.proj4as.ProjProjection;
import flash.system.Security;

public class GoogleMap extends TMS
    private var _serviceVersion:String = "1.0.0";       
    private var _tileOrigin:Location = null;        
    private var _format:String = "png";     
    private var _layerName:String;
    private var _type:String;
    private var _proxy_url:String="";

    public static const HYBRID:String="";
    public static const SAT:String="";
    public static const STANDART:String="";

    public function GoogleMap(name:String, url:String, layerName:String="", type:String=SAT)
        super(name, url, layerName);
    /*  Security.loadPolicyFile("");
        Security.allowDomain( "*" );
        Security.allowInsecureDomain( "*" );*/
        this.projection = new ProjProjection("EPSG:900913");
        this._layerName = layerName;
        this.maxExtent = new Bounds(-20037508.34,-20037508.34,20037508.34,20037508.34);
    override public function getURL(bounds:Bounds):String {
        var res:Number =;
        if(this._tileOrigin==null) {
            this._tileOrigin = new Location(this.maxExtent.left,this.maxExtent.bottom);

        var x:Number = Math.round((bounds.left - this.maxExtent.left) / (res * this.tileWidth));
        var y:Number = Math.round(( - / (res * this.tileHeight));
        var z:Number =;
        var limit:Number = Math.pow(2, z);

        x = ((x % limit) + limit) % limit;
        y = ((y % limit) + limit) % limit;
        var url:String =_proxy_url+escape(_type + "&z=" + z + "&x=" + x + "&y=" + y); 

        if (this.altUrls != null) {
            url = this.selectUrl(this.url, this.getUrls());

        return url ;


And change these lines for your language:

public static const HYBRID:String="";
public static const SAT:String="";
public static const STANDART:String="";
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