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I have two tables. Each table has a column with a reference number. Most of the records in these tables are the same but there are some which are in one table but not in the other.

How can I compare these columns and pick out the records which are only in one table?

I could write a MapBasic program that loops through each record and looks it up in the other table but I'm wondering if there is a simpler SQL-like way of doing this.

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Let's say we have two tables: Tab1 with field Field1, Tab2 with field Field2.

We want to select records from Tab1 which Field1 values is not present in Field2 of Tab2.

In MapInfo: menu Query->SQL Select...

  • Columns: *
  • from Tables: Tab1
  • where Condition: not Field1 in (select Field2 from Tab2)

In MapBasic window it will be: Select * from Tab1 where not Field1 in (select Field2 from Tab2) into Selection

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