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I have heard that I can use a vrt file to merge mulitple geotiffs into one?

what is the syntax? gdal_tranlsate -of VRT file1.tif file2.tif file2.tif

Something like this?

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No, you need to use gdalbuildvrt The instructions on the page are pretty clear, but to save you a mouse click, one of the examples is:

gdalbuildvrt doq_index.vrt doq/*.tif
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Ah...I see i have gdal 1.6.0. I guess this is only from 1.7.0 – Robert Buckley Mar 14 '12 at 17:22
It was compiled by default from 1.6.1 onwards. It's worth biting the bullet and upgrading to 1.9 for the extras as well as a good few bug fixes. An alternative would be to look at the page describing VRTs and construct one by hand. It is then treated as a regular format by the rest of the tools. – MerseyViking Mar 15 '12 at 11:11

gdalbuildvrt will build a virtual vrt file with all your individual .tif files, but if you want to convert the .vrt back into a big single .tif file, you need to use gdal_translate.

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