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I´m having a bit of an understanding problem with a DEM TIF file. I have a DEM TIF file which is served with Geoserver. When I click on the layer the WMSGetFeatureInfo gives me the following output:


I realise that the 110.0 is the height, but what I don´t understand is why the raster field is called grey_index. The DGM was produced from a point shapefile which was then interpolated using spatialanalyst. The height field in the shapefile was called "z" so why is this then converted to "grey_index"?

For the WMSGetFeatureInfo I would like to change the field name to "Height" but how do I do this? Is this really a "Field" in the same sense as a shapefile dbf? Am I able to just change field names in raster files?

I have GDAL and ESRI libraries available if anyone can help.

Cheers, Rob

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