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OK, so I downloaded the Geonames database (cities1000) and wrote a small Ruby program to import them into my table (geo_cities). I then added geography column called geog.

So after all of that, I converted all of the lat/lon numbers into the geog column using:

update public.geo_cities set geog = st_GeogFromText('SRID=4326;POINT(' || longitude || ' ' || latitude || ')');

Things are looking good. Now what I want to do is find all cities within 100 miles of Prague.

So I can get Prague like:

select * from geo_cities where asciiname = 'Prague' and countrycode = 'CZ';

I'm still learning gis and Postgres so could someone help me with the simple query?


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First, make sure you have an index on your geography column. It will speed up the spatial searches:

CREATE INDEX geo_cities_geog_idx ON geo_cities USING GIST geog;
VACUUM ANALYZE geo_cities(geog);

Then, you can use ST_DWithin (with conversions from miles to metres) on a self-joined query:

SELECT gc.*, ST_Distance(gc.geog, pt.geog)/1609.344 AS distance_miles
FROM geo_cities gc, geo_cities pt
WHERE pt.asciiname = 'Prague' and pt.countrycode = 'CZ'
  AND ST_DWithin(gc.geog, pt.geog, 160934.4)
ORDER BY ST_Distance(gc.geog, pt.geog);

If you are in the market for a good book, check out PostGIS in Action.

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