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Im trying to generate directions using google.maps.DirectionsService and I really need those directions bounded by the paths defined from within a pre-made kml file. I have reviewed the API docs for google maps and doesnt seem they have this functionality.

This is for a custom app where areas are already defined inside a kml file that is layered over google maps.

Any ideas?


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After looking around, this is the only approach I have. Use Cases: 1.- If start point is outside the KML bounded paths 1.1 - Get directions from start point to nearest entrance to KML bounded path using google.maps.DirectionsService 1.2 - If Destination point is outside KML bounded path 1.2.1 - Get directions to nearest entrance of KML bounded path from destination using google.maps.DirectionsService 1.2.2 - From the nearest entrance used as an end point in 1.1, find shortest path through KML bounded path using Dijkstra's algorithm to entrance found in 1.2.1. – cs_brandt Mar 27 '12 at 20:23

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