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I am using the tool Area Solar Radiation in ArcMap10 to analyse DEMs of parts of a city (area equivalent to a neighbourhood). My goal is to calculate the average annual solar irradiation (Wh/m2) on the roofs of buildings. When I run the tool, the output I get is a raster with the global radiation (direct + diffuse) for each raster cell of the input DEM. So far, so good!

I can click on a raster cell and see the value of the radiation. But (question A) how can I 'extract' all the values in a way that I can use them (e.g. in a table per building or for the whole study area) and calculate the average solar radiation?

And (question B) how can I export the pretty coloured image in a useful format? (I tried exporting it as .tiff and got a black & white image).

Thanks! JJ

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It sounds like you might be looking for zonal statistics. – whuber Mar 22 '12 at 20:26

you can use color template in symbology of raster and them give a new export.

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Can you give an example or a quick walkthrough on how to do this just in case others come across this post and want to use your answer. You're more likely to get Upvotes with exaples as well, and we all love Upvotes :) – Rob Quincey Apr 17 '13 at 8:29

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