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Is there a way to create a Swiss style (or other hand-shaded-like styles) shaded relief from a dem using ArcGIS tools alone?

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Goto Model/Scripts tab then to Hillshade tools

Intro article: Updated hillshade toolbox

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I tried the Swiss hillshade tools in several different situations and it does not produce results that one could call "Swiss" hillshading. There is some minor smoothing in flat areas that's about it. – Jakub Oct 9 '10 at 2:19
Above is for ArcGIS 9.x. Also see Introducing Esri’s Next Generation Hillshade on ArcGIS Blog. It introduces v10.2+ image functions (.dll's that can be used in Image Analysis window) for swiss relief. – matt wilkie Jan 4 at 17:32

This student specifically used a color scheme that ranged from "Yucca Yellow" to "Larkspur Blue" to emphasize the Swiss effect in her hillshade.

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