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Does anyone know of good printable documents of the as-shipped Esri symbol sets, also called Style References?

The new with Arcgis 10 ability to search symbol sets is a great boon, but one can still only find things for which you know the keywords for, and only few so many at a time on screen. I find hard copy of things like this much easier and faster to look through and locate the right one for the map at hand.

For example this morning I was looking for a good glacial moraine symbol and searching the style sets didn't locate anything relevant. So I decided to bite the bullet and build my own. In the process I went browsing through the ...\Desktop10\Styles directory and discovered several pictures I've never noticed represented in any styles that would be perfect for the project I'm working on. Since they're here they very likely already exist in a symbol set and I'd be wasting my time creating them anew. Thus the desire for a printed set to help me find them.

In previous versions there is a developer sample called Style Dump, but it doesn't work in Arcgis 10 (and the results were pretty crude and wasted paper anyway).

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If you havn't found it yet I can email you a zipped file of all symbology. –  user7797 May 25 '12 at 19:49
that would be appreciated @KellyBrennan, thanks! –  matt wilkie May 25 '12 at 21:58

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Matt are you looking for Symbols to Print from ArcGIS 10?

enter image description here


Credit to Brad Nesom on GIS Stack Exchange Is there a version of the ESRI ArcGIS Symbol Library PDF for ArcGIS 10, or some other cheat sheet for symbols/line weights?

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Those are extra downloadable styles, ones that aren't shipped with Arcgis. I'm looking for a printable document (or means to create one) of the as-shipped styles to use for quick reference and means of selection. My question is the same as the linked one, they could be merged. –  matt wilkie Mar 27 '12 at 17:33

This is not current but its a start: http://downloads2.esri.com/support/documentation/ao_/Utilities.pdf

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Ooh, that looks really helpful! Do you know if there are similar PDFs for the other style references? –  jvangeld Apr 3 at 22:32
Would you be able to edit your Answer to summarise what is in the PDF file that you have linked to? –  PolyGeo Apr 3 at 22:33

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