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I'm accessing a file geodatabase through a mapped network drive pointing to a unix machine running Samba.

When I start the app from within VS2010, I get a COM exception when I attempt to open the file Gdb. No exception is thrown when not running in the debugger.

I'm using the recommended method of opening the gdb (via Activator.CreateInstance):

public static IWorkspace FileGdbWorkspaceFromPropertySet(String database)
   IPropertySet propertySet = new PropertySetClass();
   propertySet.SetProperty("DATABASE", database);
  Type factoryType = Type.GetTypeFromProgID(
  IWorkspaceFactory workspaceFactory = (IWorkspaceFactory)
  return workspaceFactory.Open(propertySet, 0);

If I copy the same file gdb to the local windows machine, I can access it without any exception.

Has anyone ever run into this issue?

I know very little about Samba - is there something that needs to be configured to make it more file gdb friendly?

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Did you try running VS2010 in Administrator mode. Seems like a domain permissions issue honestly. I've had trouble instantiating on a different thread, but that's obviously not your issue. – patrick Mar 27 '12 at 16:48

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