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I'm looking for a database that contains all (most, many as it can) world airports. I know of one such set available - - but the terms state that it's for internal use only...which kind of defeats the purpose.

The data would need to have the airport code, name, location (country, city, state/locale, zip/postal, lat/lon).

Do you know of such a set? Certainly willing to purchase such a set, free is always great too.

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We've got that OurAirports data on WeoGeo Market where you can order a small subsection.

You could just take this link and place an order for that area of florida and look at what the data provides. It's a pretty good dataset.

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OpenFlights Licence is favourable.

"Licensing and disclaimer The OpenFlights Airport, Airline and Route Databases are made available under the Open Database License. Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License.

Airport data derived OurAirports and DAFIF, as well as route data from Airline Route Mapper, is in the public domain. Airline data derived from Wikipedia may be subject to the GNU Free Documentation License. Whether these databases pass the threshold of originality and are thus copyrightable in the United States is an open question, and Contentshare does not assert the validity or lack thereof of such a claim. This data is not suitable for navigation. OpenFlights does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for its accuracy, and consequently assumes no liability whatsoever for results obtained or loss or damage incurred as a result of application of the data. OpenFlights expressly disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose."

Download: airports.dat (~350 KB)

(a donation is suggested to help maintain the database)

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I would have thought that OpenStreetMap would have pretty comprehensive coverage, certainly for major airports. You can see for yourself here. According to this, OpenStreetMap contains approx 96000 aeroways (i.e. airports), so it depends how comprehensive you want to be.

Your problem then becomes:

  • extracting the airports from the entire world file (20GB bz2 compressed) (see here for some pointers)
  • how to get the metadata, which may be far from complete

It ought to be easy to get the country and name as a minimum (can you define "city" anyway -- don't some airports serve two?).

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I wouldn't go with OSM.As already mentioned the processsing of the planet.osm would be time consuming - but may be a use of osmosis and filter the data could help out. My experience shows that the airports data are not complete if speaking about the attribution and its often really hard to filter the data to make some valuable output. I would recomend the source - the data are pretty good and consist all the major civilan/ millitary airport worldwide.

share|improve this answer has this set in shapefile format. Contain name, IATA code, GPS code, link:

Derives from Mile High Club, a detailed GIS compilation of world wide airports that is in the public domain.

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Do you have access to the ESRI Data DVD's - which you should if you are a customer. There is pretty rich set of worldwide data there.

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